Choosing the right hay

It can be confusing to choose the right hay for our horses. The vet’s recommendations, the trainers words of wisdom, the advice from a friend or colleague, or what you’ve read lately online, plus the consideration of your budget all play key roles in selecting the perfect hay or hay mix for your horse. If you are unsure what you are looking for, or want to speak to someone who specializes in hay production, please call the store with your questions or simply to have a great conversation about hay!

We love hay and know it well!

Hay types

Canadian hay is grown on clay based soil, which produces hay rich in available micronutrients for your horse. Most Canadian hay varieties found at Quality Hay & Feed LLC are grown organically; meaning they are fertilized with manure or compost. No glyphosates on these hay products! Our Western Hay is grown here in the USA. The hay grown in the mountain air is both consistent and provides rich nutrients that your competition horse will need.
We carry Canadian T/A! Grown organically in Ontario Canada, the bales are 50 lbs and have been sold to Florida horse owners and managers for over 10 years. If you like your T/A grassy, heavy or light on the A, or just straight up 50-50, let our staff know! Typically, a young first cut hay with a soft fresh cut color. This hay has become a staple here at Quality Hay & Feed! We can accommodate any request for T/A at any time of year.
This green hay is sure to have your horses wanting more! The heads of Timothy are large and evident to both care-taker and horse. If your horse enjoys the odd Timothy bale, or makes a habit of indulging in the pleasures of Timothy often, please contact the store for more information on our current stock of Timothy Hay. Many of our suppliers of Timothy hay farm in Ontario Canada.
Quality Hay & Feed carry many varieties of Orchard Hay. If you are looking for Orchard/Alfalfa (50/50), or Orchard and a light Alfalfa mix, or Orchard with a stronger presence of Alfalfa, you have come to the right place! This fibrous hay is often soft and green and smells delicious. Our suppliers of O/A hay are very consistent and provide a high-quality product.
This Western Hay is very soft, extremely consistent, and comes right from Western USA… in Washington State. Grown to please the pallet of all horses, this hay is extremely versatile in its abilities to satisfy the nutritional and dietary needs on farms around Florida.

This scruffy looking bale is a horse favorite for sure! Grown in the mountains of Colorado, this longer grass is a beautiful light green color. Our supplier is consistent, and quality is unmatched!

An excellently healthy mix of 70% orchard and 30% alfalfa hay is one of our top sellers here at Quality Hay & Feed. We work with a long-time supplier who never fails to send us the best hay from Western USA!

This very deep green leafy hay is consistent and extremely high quality. Our supplier provides us with the best Alfalfa year after year, and we can sell this top-quality product priced well. 

Grown in Arizona state, this dark green and delicious smelling hay is leafy and appeals to the pallet of every horse. It tops the charts in consistency and is priced fairly. Please give Quality Hay & Feed a call if you are looking for more information on our Alfalfa hay varieties!

This very green and leafy hay is high in fat. Our supplier is from Georgia and never skips a beat with his excellent and consistent quality. Customers drive for miles to pick up this horse favorite!

Available in both small squares and rolls, this local hay is a great compliment to serve alongside our premium alfalfa. The price point comes in less than the average bale, so mixing this hay with your horse’s favorite hay or feed helps provide her with the roughage she needs each day while maintaining a budget.

Hay pricing

If you’re a customer that has one horse, or a barn manager who looks after feeding hundreds of horses, we are the place to shop for hay! Priced by the bale, the ton, the pup trailer, and the semi-load, we can fairly price your animal’s favorite hay, bale after bale, day after day. Because our owners are hay farmers and experts, our hay is sourced from top quality farms across North America. Please give us a call to speak to a customer service representative who will provide you with all the details of the hay you and your horses are hungry for.

Lets talk feed

Questions about our products, delivery schedule or store information? Drop us a line in our contact form, send us an email, or call the store. 

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